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by markthomas007 » over 3 years ago

1. Be outstanding to other people, no toxicity

2. Hacking, scripting, external programs, etc are not tolerated and will result in a ban. (Badlion client is fine to use on the server)

3. Griefing is not allowed, all block changes are logged

4. Do not steal from unclaimed chests or public farms

5. AFKing to gain resources is forbidden, this includes AFK fishing

6. No claiming public locations like farms

7. Be considerate when building near other people

8. Be considerate of the local area and landscape, when building

9. No pixel art within 1000 blocks of spawn

10. Listen to mods - if they say don't do something, don't do it

11. Preventing player or trapping players exiting or entering spawn is not allowed and will be removed. (ex. putting a claimed wall around spawn)
      You will also be banned for half a month. Bans will increase each time and 3 strikes your perm banned.

12. Playing on alts is not allowed. if caught doing so will get you banned. Ban eveading will automaticly get you ip banned. 

13. Duping is not allowed.

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