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To claim land you need a golden shovel. (we plan on changing this to a wooden shovel soon)
If you havent made a claim yet one will be automaticly created when placing your first chest.

To create a claim you need to use the shovel and right click a corner of the area you want to claim and then do the same on the other corner and you have created a claim.

To modify a claim you need to right click a corner of a claim to resize it and then right click to the spot you want it at.

A video with instructions can be seen below.


over 3 years ago

1. Be outstanding to other people, no toxicity

2. Hacking, scripting, external programs, etc are not tolerated and will result in a ban. (Badlion client is fine to use on the server)

3. Griefing is not allowed, all block changes are logged

4. Do not steal from unclaimed chests or public farms

5. AFKing to gain resources is forbidden, this includes AFK fishing

6. No claiming public locations like farms

7. Be considerate when building near other people

8. Be considerate of the local area and landscape, when building

9. No pixel art within 1000 blocks of spawn

10. Listen to mods - if they say don't do something, don't do it

11. Preventing player or trapping players exiting or entering spawn is not allowed and will be removed. (ex. putting a claimed wall around spawn)
      You will also be banned for half a month. Bans will increase each time and 3 strikes your perm banned.

12. Playing on alts is not allowed. if caught doing so will get you banned. Ban eveading will automaticly get you ip banned. 

13. Duping is not allowed.

over 3 years ago

If you have been banned in game, on the discord or on the forums and are wanting to appeal here's how!

If you are unable to make a account on the forums you can take the format for your appeal below (which is the same format you should use in a thread) and message a mod with it on discord.
Don't message a mod unless you are incapable of getting a forums account.

Platform: (Discord, server, forums).
Punished by:
Date of punishment:
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted:
Screenshot of punishment:


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Welcome to our forums. This is our first announcement on here. The Forums are still wip and will change.

over 3 years ago

Please use the following format when reporting players, otherwise your report may be instantly denied. Evidence should be in the form of a video uploaded to YouTube or a screenshot of the whole minecraft screen uploaded to Imgur. Evidence is no longer usable after 14 days of originally captured and should not be edited. The thread title should be the IGN of the player you are reporting.

Offender's IGN:

over 3 years ago